Tag: 2019 movie review

  • ATR #156 – Avengers: Endgame & The Curse of La Llorna

    On this week’s episode I am joined by two of my best friends, Tim Hall and Jess O’Brien as we review “The Curse of La Llorna” and “Avengers: Endgame”! Podcast […]

  • ATR #155 – Hellboy, Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

    On this week’s episode I welcome Nick Jarin from the “NW NERD” podcast (nw-nerd.com) as we go over some geek news and then review “Master Z: Ip Man Legacy” and […]

  • ATR #154 – 2019 Vancouver Badass Film Festival, Pet Sematary

    On this week's episode I review "Pet Sematary" and also give a full breakdown of the Vancouver Badass Film Festival (VBAFF) which I attended this past weekend!

  • ATR #153 – Dumbo, Shazam, VBAFF preview

    Once again I am joined Skype machine with Tim Hall, The People's Critic! We review two new films, "Dumbo" and "Shazam", and then I give a preview of the upcoming Vancouver Badass Film Festival which I will be attending!

  • ATR #152 – US, Triple Threat, Gloria Bell, ECCC

    On this week's episode I am joined via the Skype machine with Tim Hall, The People's Critic! We start the show talking about Emerald City Comic Con 2019, and then review the films "Triple Threat", "Gloria Bell", and "US". Check it out!

  • ATR #151 – Triple Frontier, Russian Doll, AMA

    On this week's episode I was joined by "Just Jed" and we reviewed and discussed the new film "Triple Frontier", the Netflix show "Russian doll". After that Jed asked me the questions that listeners provided for the "Ask Me Anything" segment!

  • ATR #150 – Captain Marvel & The Umbrella Academy

    On this week's episode two guests make their return to the studio: Tim Hall (The People's Critic) and Dyer Oxley (NW Nerd Podcast). We discuss the new Netflix series "The Umbrella Academy" and the new MCU film "Captain Marvel"!

  • ATR #149 – Hidden World, Fighting with my Family, Greta

    On this week's packed episode I review 3 new films; "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World", "Fighting with my Family", and "Greta"!

  • ATR #148 – Alita: Battle Angel, Sam Cooke, Jam Master Jay

    Another week, another solo episode, but this time it was due to the Snowmeggedon that hit Seattle this weekend! I reviewed "Alita: Battle Angel", "The Two Killings of Sam Cooke", and "Who Killed Jam Master Jay"!

  • ATR #147 – Miss Bala, The LEGO movie 2

    On this week's episode I review two new films: "Miss Bala" starring Gina Rodriguez, and "The LEGO movie 2: The Second Part". One of them is a remake of a an award winning Mexican drama, and the other is a sequel that is almost as awesome as the first.

  • ATR #145 – GLASS & 2 Fyre docs

    On this week's episode Tim Hall (The People's Critic) and I discuss if "GLASS" is a trilogy that will go down in history, as well as two documentaries about the same festival that have very different view points: "Fyre Fraud" and "Fyre".

  • ATR #143 – Bird Box, The Upside

    Solo show this week! The January new release slump has hit, and I was only able to see one new movie this past week, which was "The Upside". I did however make time to finally watch "Bird Box' on Netflix. Thanks for the support and enjoy the show!