Suad Bushnaq Composer: The Curve"As a woman film and concert music composer who's been interviewed quite often on the radio and television by some of the world's most renowned channels and stations such as BBC World Service, NPR/WUNC, Huff Post Live, Mother Jones, Al Jazeera, and many more, I can confidently say that after being interviewed by John on About to Review and after hearing his interview with the director I worked with, I got the impression that he has been interviewing people all his life due to his natural and relaxed, yet incredibly well informed conversational style. The level at which John formulated his questions and the ease and fluidity through which he moved from topic to topic is on par with that of seasoned journalists who have shows on international stations. I have a strong feeling that About to Review will launch John's career internationally as I can count the interviews that I've enjoyed giving on one hand, and my interview with John is one of them.”
Rory O'NeilActor: Queen of Ireland"Best podcast ever!"