ATR #153 – Dumbo, Shazam, VBAFF preview

Once again I am joined Skype machine with Tim Hall, The People’s Critic! We review two new films, “Dumbo” and “Shazam”, and then I give a preview of the upcoming Vancouver Badass Film Festival which I will be attending!

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Timecode breakdown:

    • 0:00 – 3:30: Intro to the show
    • Sponsor shout out!  The 5th Vancouver Badass Film Festival (VBAFF) will be running from March 29-31st and I will be covering the event thanks to David Aboussafy co-creator of the VBAFF and his two companies who are sponsoring my trip!
      • Generativity Productions a Vancouver based financing and production company that makes it happen for budget genre film. Generativity Productions – Make It Happen
      • Darkside Releasing Vancouver BC based international distribution company specializing in wild genre films. Darkside Releasing. Wild. Genre. Films.
    • 3:30 – 18:40: Geek news:
      1. Jake Busey confirms talks about Starship Troppers tv show idea
      2. Jai Courtney coming back for Suicide Squad 2
      3. A Quiet Place 2 news
      4. Annabelle comes home trailer
    • 18:40 – 34:25: Discussion, review, and rating of “Dumbo” (
    • 34:25 – 57:00: Discussion, review, and rating of “Shazam” (
    • 57:00 – 1h:00:Social media and upcoming projects:
        1. Vancouver Badass Film Festival
        2. Pet Semetary  

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