Time to get scary on this week’s episode and focus on another local film festival that happened this past weekend; the “Seattle 48 Hour Horror Film Project”! John sat down with some of the filmmakers and then he and Dr. Andy met back in the studio to talk about their favorite films from the festival.

Teams from all over the Pacific Northwest participated in this awesome film festival, and I highly encourage people to check out a 48 Hour Film Project in their area. You can find out more about the Seattle 48 by going to their website: www.48hourfilm.com/seattle-wa

Time code breakdown:

0m:00 – 2m:20s: Intro with John and Dr. Andy

2m:20s – 12m:25s: Interview with festival producer Kris Flink who also runs “Events on the Edge”. Find out more about her live theater and improv work here: www.eventsontheedge.com

12m:25s – 19m:45s: Interview with Benjamin Hilton, who was the Assistant Director for team “Red Fawn”‘s film “Shadow Dancer”.

19m:45s – 24m:05s: Interview with Max, Maddy, Giselle, and Leslie from “The Flames”, which is one of the youngest teams to compete in a 48 Hour Film Project. Their film “The Littlest Scientist” can be viewed on their YouTube page here: www.YouTube.com/TheFlames

24m:05s – 35m:15s: Back in the studio Dr. Andy and John go over their thoughts about some horror/ monster movies, and then talk about this year’s crop of films before giving their favorites.

35m:15s – 39m:11s: Andy starts off his honorable mentions which include “Carmen is Served” by Faulty Wire Studios, “Insert Title” by Dark Form.

39m:11s – 41m:20s: John talks about his #3 film of the festival which is “Stash” by That Guy With The Beard.

41m:20s – 47m:14s: Andy’s next set of favorites are his picks for humor; “Stash”, “Boiler Room” by Team Amanduh, “Cooking with Clare” by Industrial Conceit.

47m:14s – 50m:15s: John talks about his #2 film of the festival which is “Borderlines” by Film Vandals.

50m:15s – 52m:00s: Andy’s next choice is for his best cinematography which is “Shadow Dancer” by Red Fawn.

52m:00s – 55m:38s: John’s #1 choice for best of the 48 Hour Horror Film Project 2017 is “Shadow Dancer” by Red Fawn films!

55m:38s – 1h:02m: Andy talks about his scariest choice which is “Deus Mortem” by Twisted Ladder.

1h:02m – 1h:07m: John’s honorable mentions are “The Littlest Scientist” by The Flames, “The Psychic Sickbed” by The Magic Atmosphere, “Out of her mind” by Cascade Dread.

1h:07m – 1h:10m: Discussion of our overall impressions of this unique festival.

1h:10m – : There is another film festival coming up here in Seattle the weekend of November 16th-21st that we wanted to spotlight called the “Social Justice Film Festival”. The Social Justice Film Festival presents bold and creative films that shape our humanity. Films explore human rights, immigration, prisoner justice, worker rights, environmental justice, and more. Find out more information on screenings from their Facebook page (Facebook.com/SocialJusticeFilmFestival) and website www.socialjusticefilmfestival.org.

1h:14m – : Wrap and up social media informaiton

Thank you to my amazing guests for making the time to be on the show!
Guest info:

  • Dr. Andy: Film aficionado, social justice champion, and judge/ emcee of the Social Justice Film Festival
  • Kris Flink: Festival Producer, director, and owner of “Events on the Edge”
  • Benjamin Hilton: Assistant Director of “Shadow Dancer”, and collaborator with Red Fawn Films
  • Max, Maddy, Giselle, and Leslie from “The Flames”. Subscribe to their YouTube page here: www.YouTube.com/TheFlames and also like them on Facebook (Facebook.com/TheFlamesProductions)

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