ATR #48: Vancouver Web Fest 2017!

Oh Canada! You continue to amaze me with your amazing film scene, generous hospitality, and of course the incredible festivals that you have. On this episode, That Guy Named John travelled north again to British Columbia to cover the Vancouver Web Fest 2017 !

On this episode there is an interview with the producer of the event, as well as interviews with some of the content creators. Then John breaks down his favorite selections from each screening block, culminating in crowing his best of the Vancouver Web Fest!

Time codes:

0m:00s – 1m:45s: Intro and sponsor shout outs

1m:45s – 4m:00s: Where is John and what is he covering? The Vancouver Web Fest, that is what!

4m:00s – 28m:00s: Interview with festival creator and producer; Suzette Laqua

28m:00s – 50m:35: Interview with producer and director Brett Patrick Jenkins (IMDB: Brett Patrick Jenkins)

50m:35s – 1h:15m39s: Interview with Trip Hope from “League of S.T.E.A.M.” (Twitter: @leagueofSTEAM)

1h:15m39s – 1h:35m:45s: Interview with Dolan Bloom (Twitter: @dolanbloom), Caitlin Morris (Twitter: @sirromcc), and Sean Murphy (Twitter: @seanmurphy516) from “Sublets” (watch here: Sublets)

1h:35m:45s – 1h:48m:50s: Interview with Darren Barrowman (Twitter: @dborrowtime) from “Telegraph Cove” (watch here: Telegraph Cove)

1h:48m:50s – 1h:57m:24s: Interview with Kyrie Hunan-Jackson (Instagram: KyrieCapri) from “Wizards of AUS” (watch here: Wizards of Aus)

1h:57m:24s – 2h:01m:45s: Wrap up and my best of screening block #1

2h:01m:45s – 2h:03m:10s: My best of screening block #2

2h:03m:10s – 2h:04m:35s: My best of screening block #3

2h:04m:35s – 2h:06m: My best of screening block #4

2h:06m – 2h:08m:24s: My best of screening block #5

2h:08m:24s – 2h:10m:15s: My best of screening block #6

2h:10m:15s – 2h:13m:50s: My best of screening block #7

2h:13m:50s – 2h:16m:25s: My best of screening block #8

2h:16m:25s – 2h:18m:25s: Rundown of the best of the blocks, and then crowning my best of show

2h:18m:25s – 2h:21m: Thank you to everyone who helped me and wrap up

There are so, so many people to thank for this opportunity, and I was lucky enough to be able to cover this incredible event. Thank you again to Suzette and her whole crew, and to all of my guests on this episode!

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