ATI #16 – 2018 Vancouver Web Fest!

This episode of the “About To Interview”/ “About To Review” podcast was recorded on location at the 2018 Vancouver Web Fest ( where I interviewed Ben Strang, Brynn Peebles, Brianna Wiens, Christina De Leon, Suzette Laqua, and Paula Hoffman!


*Full disclosure* I was sick and losing my voice while recording this episode, so my golden pipes are not quite there as usual *

Make sure to watch the video version of these interviews on the About To Review YouTube channel!

Time code breakdown:

  • 0m:00s – 2m:07s: Introduction
  • 2m:07s – 11m:13s: Interview with Ben Strang – Creator, writer, and director of “Beast” (
  • 11m:13s – 19m:01s: Interview with Brynn Peebles and Brianna Wiens – Creators, writers, and actors of “Girls vs the City” (
  • 19m:01s – 28m:38s: Interview with Christina De Leon – Creator, writer, and director of “Nasty Habits” (
  • 28m:38s – 41m:35s: Interview with Suzette Laqua and Paula Hoffman -Executive Director/ Founder, and Director of Development (

Thank you so much to all of the guests who made time to be on this episode, it meant a lot to me especially with how crazy everything was!

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