ATR #11: Creator conversations

Hey folks! This is a special installment of the podcast that was part of the ongoing coverage of theĀ Seattle International Film Festival that happened recently. Host That Guy Named John had the opportunity to sit down with creators and actors, such as; Corentin Fila, Rifqi Assaf, Suad Bushnaq, and Javier Ruiz Caldera, whose films come from all around the world, and played during the festival.

There are three parts to this episode, and here are the time codes for reference:
0:00 – 1m:40s: Introduction of the episode
1m:40s – 18m:08s: Q&A with Actor Corentin Fila from the film “Being 17″ (France, 2016)(<-IMDB link)
18m:08s – 18m:43s: Excerpt from the score of “The Curve” composed by Suad Bushbaq
18m:44s – 35m:18s: Q&A with Director Rifqi Assaf from the film “The Curve” (Jordan, 2015)(<-IMDB link)
35m:18s – 46m:01s: Q&A with Composer Suad Bushnaq from the film “The Curve” (Jordan, 2015)(<-IMDB link)
46m:01s – 47m:50s: Wrapping up with Director Rifqi Assaf
47m:50s – 1h:09m:47s: Q&A with Javier Ruiz Caldera from the film “Spy Time” (Spain, 2015)(<-IMDB link)

Links for the guests on this episode:
Actor: Corentin Fila (<-IMDB link)
The Curve movie – Facebook page
Director: Rifqi Assaf @rifqiassaf
Composer: Suad Bushnaq @suadbushnaq
Spy Time movie – Facebook page
Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera (<-IMDB link)
To follow the Seattle International Film Festival, check them out @SIFFNews

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