Tag: sci-fi

  • ATI #26 – “Prospect” team – Zeek Earl, Chris Caldwell, Brice Budke

    This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast features an interview I conducted with directors Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell, and producer Brice Budke from the locally shot and produced film "Prospect"! 

  • ATR #104 – Science Fact or Science Fiction

    This week's episode is "Science Fiction or Science Fact"! Kendan is a cellular, molecular biologist, and one of the hosts of another local podcast called "Made in the 80's". He, along with returning guest Tim Hall, and I break down some sci-fi movies that have a genetic twist!

  • ATR #64: The Boogeys, plus SIFF 2017 wrap up

    On this truly global episode, That Guy Named John is joined by Dr. Andy as they talk about the brand new short film "The Boogeys", which includes an interview with the writer/director/ producers. Lastly they do their highly anticipated SIFF 2017 wrap up.