ATR #64: The Boogeys, plus SIFF 2017 wrap up

On this truly global episode, That Guy Named John is joined by Dr. Andy as they talk about the brand new short film “The Boogeys”, which includes an interview with the writer/director/ producers. Lastly they do their highly anticipated SIFF 2017 wrap up.

*Spoiler warning*: The ghost of technical issues haunted parts of this episode, but hopefully it was not too bad.

Time codes:

0m:00s – 2m:30s: Intro

2m:30s – 40m:42s: Interview with Trip Hope and Sanjay Sharma from the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Fest. They are the writer/ director/ and producers of “The Boogeys” IMDB link: @Theboogeys

40m:42s – 50m:42s: Discussion, and review of “The Boogeys”

50m:42s – 1h:03m: SIFF wrap up 2017: Andy’s first choice is an Italian movie called “Ears” or “Orecchie”. IMDB link: @Ears

1h:03m – 1h:09m: SIFF wrap up 2017: John’s first choice is “The Paris Opera” or “L’Opera”. IMDB link: @TheParisopera

1h:09m – 1h:17m: SIFF wrap up 2017: Andy’s second choice is Norwegian film called “The Kings Choice” or “Kongens Nei”. IMDB link: @thekingschoice

1h:17m – : SIFF wrap up 2017: John’s second choice is an American documentary called “Finding Kukan”. IMDB link: @FindingKukan

1h:21m – 1h:26m: SIFF wrap up 2017: John’s third choice is the Ugandan action movie “Bad Black”. IMDB link: @badblack

1h:26m – 1h:32m: Wrap up and acknowledgements

Guests on this episode:

  • Dr. Andy: To follow his adventures you need to find a nice trail in the mountains and then chase after him. Spoiler warning, he is quite fast and has the dexterity of 5 mountain goats.
  • Sanjay Sharma: Thank you the amazing writer/ director/ and producer of “The Boogeys”, and many other films for making the time to be on this episode. Check out his other work from his IMDB page: Link: @SanjaySharma or send him a message on the Facebook page for “The Boogeys” here:
  • Trip Hope: This interview would not have been possible without the man who put the steam in “Steampunk”, the amazingly talented Trip Hope. Trip always has a million things going on, but you can find his most up to date work through his Twitter page, linked here: @leagueofsteam

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