ATR #6: Captain America: Civil War review, AKA: “The Chadwick Boseman fancast”

On this episode, Tim Hall from The People’s Critic Blog returns to the podcast as he and host; That Guy Named John dissect Marvel’s latest cinematic adventure: Captain America: Civil War .  How does this film balance this many characters while they are in business suits and superhero suits? Does Vision only shop at Banana Republic? Does anyone even come close to successfully taking on Black Panther? Find out on this episode!

This is a *SPOILER FREE* review, so you can kick back and listen without having anything ruined.
Well, except the part when <redacted> shows up and starts fighting <redacted>, which leads into the most epic part of the movie, during which <redacted>  and <redacted> fly off and punch <redacted>  into space while riding on a surfboard. Other than that, you are all good.

The only time codes you need for this episode are:
24m:00s: Listen as this episode quickly becomes the Chadwick Boseman fancast. Spoiler alert: He is tremendous.
1h:10m – 1h:13m: Tim and I put on our casting director hats and toss around ideas for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming due out in 2017. Should a certain former werewolf be cast as a famous hunter whose name rhymes with “raven”?

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