ATR #5: Connect the dots …. with music!

What do Irish teenagers, punk rockers, and a sweet little kitten have in common?
Find out on this, the 5th episode of About to Review!

Join your host, That Guy Named John as he and frequent guest Andy talk about 3 movies that share a loose, but very viable connection, which is music! The three movies that will be reviewed on this episode are: an Irish coming of age tale in Sing Street, the white knuckle suspense thriller Green Room , and a laugh out loud comedy, Keanu. All of these movies are driven by music in one way or another, yes, even Keanu … kind of. Ok, full disclosure, in Keanu the only musical connection is that one of the main character’s loves George Michael/ WHAM. If you have faith, and give it one more try, you can move on. And yes, there were 3 song references in the previous sentence.
We also take a few minutes to pay respect to the one and only Prince, who passed away recently.

You asked for them, so here is the time code breakdown for this episode:
0:00 – 1m:25s: Introduction of the fearless hosts
1m:25s – 16m:12s: Sing Street review
16:12m – 37m:40s: Green Room review
37m:40s – 54m:03s: Keanu review
54m:04s – 55m:14s: Recap
55m:14s – 58m:40s: Farewell sweet Prince, and rest in peace
58m:40s – 1h:00m: Outtro

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