ATR #35: Rogue One review!

New characters, familiar places, droids, and Vader, oh my! That Guy Named John is joined by Dr. Andy and This Guy Named Steve as they review and rate one of the biggest movies of the year: Rogue One – A Star Wars story. They also talk about some incredible books by DK! May the force be with us!

Timecode breakdown:
0m:00s – 1m:10s: Intro

1m:10s – 7m:20s: DK books discussion. The books we mentioned were: “Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Marvel” (Available here: for $19.99), “The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange” (Available here: for $24.99), and last but certainly not least; “The DC Comics Encyclopedia – The All-New Edition” (Available here: for $40)

7m:20s – 1h:28m: We break down the tone, pace, action, and heart of Rogue One – A Star Wars Story, then go into our review and rating.


A huge thank you to Christi Sheehan, an Associate Publicist at DK for sending the amazing books that were talked about on this episode! For any and all information regarding DK’s amazing offerings, head over to their website:

Guests on this episode:

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