ATR #18: Star Trek, Preacher, and Suicide Squad!

2 guests + 3 topics = 2 hours of crazy geek filled conversation in this week’s episode!
Host, That Guy Named John is joined by not one, but two guests as they break down topics ranging from, but absolutely not limited to: Star Trek, Preacher, Suicide Squad, Gucci Mane, and so much more.

Time code breakdown:
0:00 – 2m:30s: Intro
2m:30s – 10m:37s: Star Trek: Beyond
10m:37s – 59m:35s: Preacher – Season one
59m:35s – 1h:42m:40s: Suicide Squad review and ratings
1h:42m:40s – 1h:42m:40s: Critical viewpoints and guilty pleasures

Twitter links for the guests on this episode:
Your friendly neighborhood Tim Hall can be found at the People’s Critic, by checking out his Twitter: @peoplescrtic, Instagram @peoplescritic,  or website..
You can find Jess on Twitter: @Jdcobrien, Instagram: @jdcob.
You should absolutely check out her podcast; The Curly Nerd Podcast which she hosts with @damienrandle on iTunes and Soundcloud: plus follow them on Twitter @Thecurlynerd 

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