Page turning, sword swinging, guns blazing, prophecy toting breakdowns are all on this episode with special guest Tim Hall! We talk about some incredible new books from DK, then discuss 3 very different movies in “The Villainess”, “American Assassin”, and “Mother”.

Time code breakdown:

0m:00 – 2m:30s: Intro

2m:30s – 10m:45s: Shout out to DK Books for their amazing support and also for sending me some new books which include: “Ulitmate Marvel” and “Star Wars Made Easy: Journey to Star Wars the Last Jedi”, which you can purchase at their website:

10m:45s – 26m:00: Discussion, review, and rating for “The Villainess” (

26m:00s – 55m:00s: Discussion, review, and rating for “American Assassin” (

55m:00s – 1h:30m: Discussion, review, and rating for “Mother!” (!)

1h:30m – 1h:35m: Wrap up, social media information, upcoming projects

Guest info:

Thank you to Timmy Timmy Turner/ AKA: The People’s Critic/AKA: Tim Hall. He is an amazing film critic and you can read his reviews, interviews, and trailer breakdowns on his website:, plus follow him on Twitter @PeoplesCritc and Instagram @PeoplesCritic.

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