ATR #72: King’s Quest …for a good movie adaptation

Did the new movie “IT” finally break the seal to a good Stephen King adaptation? Find out on this episode as special guest, and great friend Ryan Pfeil drops into the studio to talk about “IT”. Plus we talk about our first King adaptations, then each give our picks for the best and worst!

Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 3m:08s: Intro

3m:08s – 9m:10s: New month brings new reviews on iTunes and Stitcher!

9m:10s – 24m:30s: Ryan gives a rundown of the original book that the movie

24m:30s – 43m:30s: Discussion of the original made for TV mini-series/ movie “IT” (1990). IMDB link:

43m:30s – 1h:15m: Discussion, rating, and review for the new movie “IT” (2017). IMDB link:

1h:15m – 1h:18m: We talk about about our first experience with Stephen King adaptations, starting with mine, which was “Firestarter” (1984). IMDB link:

1h:18m – 1h:21m: Ryan’s first experience with Stephen King was the 1985 werewolf movie “Silver Bullet”. IMDB link:

1h:21m – 1h:27m: Ryan’s best Stephen King adaptation might have been “IT” (2017), but he chose “Misery” instead (1990). IMDB link:

1h:27m – 1h:30m: My best Stephen King adaptation is the absolutely amazing “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994). IMDB link:

1h:30m – 1h:34m: Ryan’s worst Stephen King adaptation is the aforementioned “The Mist” (2007). IMDB link:

1h:34m – 1h:38m: Finally, my pick for the worst Stephen King adaptation I have seen is “Thinner” (1996). IMDB link.

1h:38m – : Wrap up and final thoughts, plus Ryan talks about a couple tabletop games that he has been playing: Tiny Epic Galaxies (link) and Terraforming Mars (link)

Guest info:

Thank you to the Clark Kent to my Jimmy Olson, (get it, Ryan is a journalist ….) Ryan Pfeil for being on the show in the midst of his state (Oregon) being on fire. Make sure to follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanPfeil and Instagram @RyanPfeil.

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