ATR #70: Patti Cake$, The Tick, The Defenders

New Jersey rappers, giant blue men, and an unlikely team of heroes are themes for this episode! John is joined once again by Damien Randle as they discuss the new indie film “Patti Cake$”, before moving on “The Tick” and “The Defenders” TV shows.

Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 6m:55s: Introduction of the guest and the topics

6m:55s – 23m:30s: Discussion, rating, and review of the new film “Patti Cake$”. (IMDB link: @PattiCake$)

23m:30s – 58m:30s: Discussion, rating, and review of the new show “The Tick” which is streaming now on Amazon Video (Amazon Video link: @TheTick)

58m:30s – 1h:28m: Discussion, rating, and review of the new show “The Defenders” which is streaming now on Netflix. (IMDB link: @TheDefenders)

1h:28m – 1h:33m: Wrap up and social media handles

Guest info:

Damien Randle: A good friend who is also a podcast host, producer, filmmaker, emcee, and so much more. It was amazing being able to sit down and talk to Damien in his home state, and I cannot thank him enough for being on the show.
Make sure to follow his work on his Twitter page: @damienrandle, plus subscribe to @thecurlynerd and @fromHOUwithlove

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