ATR #66: Matthew Cherry, Atomic Blonde, Detroit

On this, the longest episode ever of About To Review, you will hear an interview with the amazing filmmaker Matthew Cherry about his new project “Hair Love”. Then John is joined by Mike Ward to review “Atomic Blonde” and “Detroit”. Check it out!

Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 3m:15s: Intro

3m:15s – 35m:25s: Interview with Matthew A Cherry and then discussion of “Hair Love”. Follow Matthew on Twitter here: @MatthewACherry and here is the link to the Kickstarter: “Hair Love

35m:25s – 1h:07m: Learning all about Mike Ward, creator of “Should I see it” and also the president of the “Seattle Film Critics Society”.

1h:07m – 1h:15m: New reviews on iTunes and Stitcher! Make sure to check out Aaron’s podcast “Feelin’ Film” which you can find on their website here:

1h:15m – 1h59m: Discussion, review, and rating for “Atomic Blonde” (IMDB link)

1h59m – 2h:37m: Discussion, review, and rating for “Detroit”(IMDB link)

2m:37s – 2h:41m: Wrap up and social media handles

Guests on this episode:

  1. A massive thank you to Matthew Cherry for making the time to be on the show this week! You can follow him on Twitter here: @MatthewACherry and here is the link to the Kickstarter: “Hair Love
  2. My friend, fellow critic, and all around fantastic guy, Mike Ward can be found on Twitter: @ShouldIseeit as well as the “Seattle Film Critics Society” here: @Seattlecritics

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