ATR #53: MST3K fan club with Curly Nerd Jess!

So many new shows and so little time! That Guy Named John is joined by the incomparable curly nerd herself: Jess! They talk about the old and new seasons of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), Rick and Morty, American Gods, and more, so tune in!

Right off the bat I want to thank Jess for making the time to join me on this week’s episode! You can find her podcast: “The Curly Nerd podcast” on twitter here: @itsthecurlynerd.

Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 5m:30s: Intro with the amazing Jess from “The Curly Nerd Podcast”!

5m:30s – 12m:40s: MST3K discussion

12m:40s – 14m:50s: Top 3 original series MST3K episodes intro!

14m:50s – 18m:27s: John and Jess give their #3 choices for original series MST3K

18m:27s – 23m:15s: John and Jess give their #2 choices for original series MST3K

23m:15s – 28m:30s: John and Jess give their #1 favorite episode from the original series of MST3K

28m:30s – 31m:30s: Jess gives her honorable mention

31m:30s – : Cinematic Titanic and RIFFTRAX history lessons plus leading into the massive Kickstarter campaign and the return to Netflix.

44m:30s – 47m:30s: John’s favorite episode of the new series is “Starcrash”

47m:30s – 1h:00s: Wub-a-lub-a Dubb-dubb! Rick and Morty discussion!

1h:00s – 1h:17m: American Gods discussion

1h:17m – 1h:21m: A very brief discussion of “Powerless” on NBC

1h:21m – 1h:25m: Recap and wrap up

Guest info:
When Jess is not in these streets, you can find her on Twitter @jdcobrien, Instagram: @jdcob, and be sure to follow her podcast on Twitter as well :

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