ATR #47: New trailers, short films, and Kong: Skull Island!

Another crazy week in pop culture gets broken down by your host, That Guy Named John, and returning guest Tim Hall! They talk about a ton of new trailers for movies that may or may not be terrible, two short films, and then review and rate “Kong: Skull Island”!

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Time codes:

0:m:00s – 1m:30s: Intro with Tim Hall

1m:30s – 10m:00s: Tim talking about Danny Boyle and who else we would like to interview (John: Levar Burton @5m/ Phil LaMar @7m & Tim: Logan Browning 7m:40s)

10m:00s – 12m:30s: Trailer talk – Ghost in the Shell (trailer link)

12m:30s – 18m:40s: Trailer talk – Atomic Blonde (trailer link)

18m:40s – 22m:40s: Trailer talk – Alien Covenant (trailer link)

22m:40s – 27m:40s: Trailer talk – Baby Driver (trailer link)

27m:40s – 38m:40s: Trailer talk – Wonder Woman (trailer link) & and Transformers (trailer link)

38m:40s – 41m:35s: Trailer talk – Geostorm (trailer link)

41m:35s – 50m:25s: Jack is back! Samurai Jack! (Samurai vs Ninja link)

50m:25s – 54m:20s: Short film talk: “Ticky Tacky” (film link)

54m:20s – 58m:15s: Short film talk: “Status” (film link)

58m:15s – 1h:06m: Domino casting and Deadpool movie talk!

1h:06m – 1h:26m: Discussion, review, and rating of “Kong: Skull Island”

1h:26m – Wrap up and social media links (Shout out to Ella @1h:27m)

1h:29m:50s – 1h:31m: Sponsor spotlight: American Music!


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