ATR #46: Filmapalooza, ECCC, & Beauty and the Beast!

What more could you ask for in one episode? We cover “Filmapalooza”, Emerald City Comic-Con, and then review and rate “Beauty and the Beast”! This episode features Mark Ruppert, Dr. Andy, and Tim Hall as guests.

This past weekend Seattle hosted the international competition for the 48 Hour Film Project; “Filmapalooza”, which That Guy Named John and Dr. Andy were fortunate enough to cover on part 1 of this episode. In part 2, Tim Hall, AKA: The People’s Critic joins the show as he and John talk about Emerald City Comic-Con, and Beauty and the Beast!

You can find a lot of the films we mention during the episode from this link:

Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 2m:03s: Intro

2m:03s – 2m:54s: Sponsor shout out! American Music, located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle is your one stop shop for all things music. They support us, so please support them!

2m:54s – 18m:36s: Interview with Mark Ruppert, who is the executive producer and founder of the 48 Hour Film Project <Disclaimer: There are some feedback issues due to the recording space we were in. I apologize>

18m:36s – 38m:35s: Dr. Andy and John talk about what they think of the 48 Hour Film Festival as a whole, before diving into the breakdown of the films they saw.

38m:35s – 1h:14m: Our individual favorite honorable mentions and best of the festival

1h:14m – 1h:35m: Tim Hall, AKA: The People’s Critic joins John for a discussion of Emerald City Comic Con

1h:35m – 2h:04m: Review, discussion, and rating of the new live action Disney movie: “Beauty and the Beast”

2h:04m – 2h:07m: Wrap up and credits

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out during Filmapalooza; Mark, Liz, Scilla, Austin, Krk, Emmet, you were all amazing and a pleasure to work with!

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