ATR #44: Fists, walls, and claws, plus Oscar picks!

Two guests for the price of none! That Guy Named John is joined by the two people who have made this podcast possible: Dr. Andy and Tim Hall, AKA: The People’s Critic. They talk about 3 films: “Fist Fight”, “The Great Wall”, and “Logan”, then give their Oscar predictions. Enjoy!


0m:00s – 1m:32s: Introduction of Tim and Andy

1m:32s – 2m:50s: Sponsor plug #1: American Music in Fremont! They are an awesome music store which has an incredible helpful staff, and an expansive website. Check them out here:

2m:50s – 6m:40s: New 5 star reviews on iTunes!

6m:40s – 21m:00s: Fist Fight review and rating

21m:00s – 43m:10s: The Great Wall review and rating

43m:10s – 1h:04m: Logan review and rating

1h:04m – 1h:07m: Sponsor plug #2: Andy waxes and wanes about the amazing selection at American Music

1h:07m – 1h:37m: Oscar breakdown and predictions

1h:37m – : Wrap up and final thoughts

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Thank you again to the two people who continue to help me along this journey; Dr. Andy, and The People’s Critic, Tim Hall for joining this episode! You can find Tim by checking out his Twitter: @peoplescrtic, Instagram @peoplescritic,  or his website: The Peoples Critic blog! You cannot find Dr. Andy through social media because he is an international man of mystery.

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A huge thank you to American Music who sponsored this episode! American Music is a locally owned music store with an incredibly experienced staff of musicians who provide their knowledge and expertise in guitars, basses, keyboards, percussion, pro audio, recording, lighting, amplifiers, effects and accessories. It is a store for musicians run by musicians! Check them out at their website: American and also like and follow them here:

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