ATR #42: Turnbuckles and tights w/ Ryan Berkley!

Tighten the turnbuckles, break out the face paint, and dust off your leotard, because this episode is all about the “Golden Age” of wrestling movies from the 1980’s! That Guy Named John is once again joined by Ryan Berkley, and this time they fall down the rabbit hole of cheesy action movies that feature one or more wrestlers in them.

Time codes:
0:00 – 10m:30s: Introduction of Ryan and his journey into the world of professional wrestling

10m:30s – 23m:30s: The first movie we talk about involves babes and frogs

23m:30s – 40m:10s: Moving down the list, the next movie is about Arnold Schwarzenegger running from things and delivering one-liners

40m:10s – 57m:20s: The only WWF (not WWE) production on our list, starred Hulk Hogan and Deebo, I mean, “Zeus”

57m:20s – 1h:02m: Shimmering aliens, gratuitous muscle shot, and a mini-gun that clears a forest are the highlights of this next film

1h:02m – 1h:13m: “BONE SAW IS READY!”

1h:13m – 1h:22m: One of the greatest films of all time, and it just so happens to feature one of the most iconic wrestlers in history.

1h:22m – 1h:34m: The biggest cult classic movie that stars a golden age wrestler as he “fights” aliens while wearing some sick shades.

1h:34m – 1h:41m: Wrap up and final thoughts on this amazingly crap-tastic, yet highly entertaining genre of films.

If you want to see “The Ultimate Warrior” throw around Phil Collins, check out this amazing (re: terrible) music video:

Thank you again to Ryan Berkley for taking time out of his incredibly busy life to be on the show!
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