ATR #40: Global Game Jam in Seattle!

Sleep? Who needs sleep?! Your host; That Guy Named John was joined by his gaming confidant; This Guy Named Steve, as they covered the Seattle division of the Global Game Jam which happened over this past weekend.

On this episode there will be creator conversations, gaming insight, and more, and it was all recorded live from the Seattle Indies workshop during the Global Game Jam! The Global Game Jam is a 48 hour indie gaming extravaganza, during which teams of programmers, artists, and sound engineers are tasked with coming up with a fully functional video game within 48 hours, based on a surprise theme. This event was incredible to watch and be a part of, and I highly encourage everyone to make the time to support your local gaming scene.

To view, and/or play any of the games mentioned on this episode, head on over to:
Global Game Jam Seattle – Indies Workshop!

Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 5m:10s: Intro

5m:10s -11m:45s: Friday night: Interview with Tim Cullings, a man who has his hand in just about every gaming cookie jar in Seattle, and serves as the organizer for both the “Seattle Indies Workshop”, as well as the Global Game Jam, and so much more!

11m:45s – 21m:05s: Friday night: Interview with award winning game designer Jenn Sandercock, who is a truly global designer and “jammer”, and has designed and presented her games all over the world.

21m:05s – 35m:45s: Friday night: Interview with local game designer, artist, friend, and frequent participant of the Global Game Jam, Tap Prippenow

35m:45s – 42m:50s: Sunday Night: Second interview with Jenn Sandercock towards the end of the game jam

42m:50s – 54m:25s: Sunday Night: Second interview with a somewhat (ok, very) sleep deprived Tap Prippenow after the closing ceremony of the 2017 Global Game Jam

54m:25s – 1h:18m: Final wrap up with John and Steve as they go over some of their favorite games of the Jam, plus the audience favorites

A massive thank you to the entire staff of the Seattle Indies Workshop, including Constance Chen, Alex Schearer, Chad Jenkins, and Thomas O’Connor, and I especially want to thank Tim Cullings for extending the invite to me cover this amazing event!

A massive thank you goes out to all of the creators and developers who agreed to be on this episode to talk about their projects

Twitter links for the guests on this episode:

  1. The Seattle Indie Expo: @sixatpax
  2. Tim Cullings, producer for the Seattle Indie Expo: @timcullings
  3. Jenn Sandercock, head designer of “J Wobbler” from team “Jennina”: @jennsandercock
  4. Tap Prippenow, game designer of “Hue Me Baby” from team “Sticky Biscuits”: @tapofgames
  5. The one and only Steve from Stand Inside Media: @steveblog and @standinsidemedia

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