ATR #29: Moonlight and Doctor Strange, 2 very magical movies

On this week’s episode, your friendly neighborhood host; That Guy Named John is joined was once again by one of the best in the biz; Tim Hall, AKA: The People’s Critic. The two movies they discuss are both very magical in their own special way, as one deals with the magic of love and self expression, and one of them has sorcerers in it.

Time codes:
0m:00s – 3m:50s: Introduction, and praise for A24
3m:50s – 40m:10s: Moonlight discussion followed by our review/ rating
40m:10s – 1h14m: Doctor Strange discussion followed by our review/ rating
1h14m– 1h:17m: Final thoughts and wrap up

Social media links for the guest on this episode:
A special thanks to the man who has at least 5 fans (yes I counted): Tim Hall, AKA: People’s Critic, who can be found by checking out his Twitter: @peoplescrtic, Instagram @peoplescritic,  or his website: The Peoples Critic blog! He is a fantastic writer who has stories for days, and is always open to a discussion.

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