ATR #21: Director Spotlight – Christopher Nolan

On this special collaboration episode, That Guy Named John is joined by the creators and hosts of The Curly Nerd podcast; Jess O’Brien and Damien Randle! They shine a spotlight on one of the best directors of this generation: Christopher Nolan.

They talk about everything from his first film, 1997’s “Doodlebug”, all the way to his latest release “Interstellar” from 2014, and how his style has changed the way movies have been made over the past 20 years. Plus they pay respect to Gene Wilder who passed away recently. He was a comedic icon who will be missed.

0:00 – 10m:45s: Introduction of The Curly Nerd podcast and how they got started
10m:45s – 15m:50s: Talking about our first exposure to Christopher Nolan and his work
15m:50s – 20m:00s: Nolan’s early work
20m:00s – 1h:27m: Nolan’s rise to fame and current projects
1h:27m – 1h:31m: RIP: Gene Wilder
1h:31m – 1h:35m: Wrap up and final thoughts

A huge thanks goes out to The Curly Nerd podcast for being on the episode and gushing about how amazing Christopher Nolan is!

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