ATR #19: Seattle’s 48 Hour Film Festival

Join your host; That Guy Named John in a special episode that is split into two parts, both of which cover the recent Seattle leg of international 48 Hour Film Project. The first part of the episode is an interview with festival producer; Kirk Nordenstrom, and the second part is a breakdown of the films by John and returning guest Andy.

Time codes:
0:00 – 44m:15s: Interview with Kirk Nordenstrom, the producer of the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project
44m:15s – 51m:40s: Intro and first thoughts on the festival
51m:25s – 56m:25s: Audience award favorites. Top 2 picks for Andy – “The Cleanly Cleaners” and “A Wish for Mr. Whiskers”. Top 2 picks for John – “The Cleanly Cleaners” and “Pew Pew”
56m:25s – 1h:06m: Juror’s choice favorites. Films discussed: “A Wish for Mr. Whiskers (Spirit award winner), “The Distracted Jack Rabbit”, “Valor”, “The Last”, “Jouska”.
1h:06m –  1h:12m: Final thoughts on best overall winner: “One step too far”, plus a special thanks to Kirk Nordenstrom and Ben Rapson.

For information on the 48 Hour Film Festival, check them out here: 48 Hour Film Festival.
The upcoming 48 Hour Horror Film Festival produced by Kirk can be found by clicking this link: 48 Hour Horror.

Twitter links for the guests on this episode:
Kirk Nordenstrom can be found on Twitter: @knordenstrom
48 Hour Film Festival on Twitter: @Seattle48hfp and Facebook: @48hourfilmproject
Festival winners: Mighty Tripod productions @mightytripod which include Angela DiMarco @TheDiMarcoActor and David S. Hogan @SeattleactorDSH and Ben Rapson.

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