ATR #16: Ghostbusters extravaganza

When there is something strange in the podcast-hood, who ya’ gonna call? Pod-Casters! See what I did there? Man I am clever. That Guy Named John is joined by returning guest Steve, and new guest; Carmen as they talk about all things Ghostbusters.

0m:00s – 1m:48s: Intro
1m:48s – 8m:50s: Ghostbusters 1 (1984)
8m:50s – 16m:45s: Ghostbusters cartoon (1986)
16m:45s – 35m:00s: Ghostbusters 2 (1989
35m:00s – 1h: 24m: Ghostbusters – reboot (2016)
1h: 24m – 1h:26m: Wrap up and rating

You can find Steve on Twitter: @steveblog,  Instagram: @standinside plus you should check out his video work with National Geographic Expeditions at his website:

Special shoutout to Carmen for bringing her passion and fanaticism for Ghostbusters to this episode!

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