ATR #13: Upcoming 2016 releases

More movies than you can shake a stick at! Tim Hall, AKA: The People’s Critic, joins That Guy Named John as they go over the lineup of summer movies, and also talk about the upcoming movies for the fall.

Time codes are sparse this time, because we only spent a few minutes on each movie, but here are the basics:
0:00 – 2m:00s: Intro and conspiracy theory: Is Scarlett Johansson a clone?
2m:00s – 8m:32s: Tim talks about Independence Day
8m:32s – 12m:00s: Tim tells me why he wants he wants to go surfing, even after watching The Shallows
12m:00s – 15m:30s: Tim’s official rating for Independence Day and The Shallows
15m:30s – 1h:2m: Summer movie breakdown
1h:2m – 1h:14m: Fall and the rest of the year
1h:14m – 1h:19m: Our most anticipated movies (Shoutout to Kevin Smith @1h:16m)
1h:19m – 1h:20m: Wrap up and recap
1h:21m – 1h:22m: Shout out to the 5 star iTunes reviews

Your friendly neighborhood Tim Hall can be found at the People’s Critic, by checking out his Twitter, Instagram,  or website.

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