ATR #12: SIFF 2016 – Wrap up

On this jam packed episode, host That Guy Named John is joined by Andy as they wrap up the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival by breaking down 6 different films from 5 different countries. The films are: Queen of Ireland, Awaiting, News From Planet Mars, Rodinny Film, and Spy Time. A big shout out to the staff of the Seattle International Film Festival, who continue to do a tremendous job organizing this event.

Massive time code breakdown for ease of access:
0:00 – 1m:00s: Intro
1m:00s – 4m:00s: SIFF facts and figures
4m:00s – 9m:22s: Queen of Ireland – reviewed by John
9m:22s – 14m:50s: Awaiting – reviewed by Andy
14m:50s – 21m:00s: News From Planet Mars – reviewed by John
21m:00s – 28m:00s: Rodinny Film – reviewed by Andy
28m:00s – 35m:06s: Spy Time – reviewed by John
35m:06s – 35m:50s: SIFF shout out
35m:50s – 49m:16s: Island Funeral – reviewed by Andy
49m:17s – 50m:40s: Ratings and review recap
50m:40s – 51m:30s: Another well deserved SIFF shout out
51m:30s – 54m:46s: 5 star iTunes review shout out and outro
To follow the Seattle International Film Festival, check them out @SIFFNews on Twitter

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