ATR #97 – Future of Black Hollywood, plus “Annihilation” and “Red Sparrow”

Black History Month, week 4! On the last week of Black History Month 2018, my guest Tim Hall (People’s Critic) and I talk about the future of Black Hollywood! Plus we review “Annihilation” and “Red Sparrow”.

About To Review – Episode #97!

Timecode breakdown:

0m:00s – 4m:10s: Introduction of the episode themes and topics

4m:10s – 25m:25: Discussion of the future of Black Hollywood, and some of the actors, actresses, producers, and creators who are paving the way to some great things. Click on each of the names to go to the IMDB pages for Tim’s choices: Lena Waithe, Jacob Latimore, Logan Browning, Will Packer, Kylie Bunberry. John’s choices can also be found on IMDB by clicking their names: Alex Hibbert, Janelle Monae, Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

25m:25 – 41m:40s: Discussion, review, and rating of “Annihilation” (

41m:40s – 1h:06m: Discussion, review, and rating of “Red Sparrow” (

1h:06m – 1h:18m: Pre-Oscars discussion about what we think about this year’s group, plus picking some favorites

1h:18m – 1h:24m: Wrap up and social media information

Thank you to fan favorite guest Tim for making the time to be on the show!

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