ATR #86 – Award Season Extravaganza & Star Wars!

Grab some coffee and get ready a super-sized episode! Mike Ward from “Should I See It” was in the studio to talk about “Good Time”, “I TONYA”, “Lady Bird”, “The Post”, “The Shape of Water”, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, and “The Florida Project”!

It is the middle of award season and this crazy long episode recaps some of the films that are getting a bunch of attention right now, plus we talked about the awards process for the Seattle Film Critics Society. In the middle of the episode, Tim Hall joins the show to discuss, rate, and review “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

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Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 6m:00s: Introduction of the show and guest

6m:00s – 25m:00s: Awards talk. Make sure to follow the Seattle Film Critic Society on social media for the most up to date voting results, and use the hashtag #SFCS

25m:00s – 41m:30s: Discussion, review, and rating of (

41m:30s – 59m:00s: Discussion, review, and rating of (

59m:00s – 1h:19m: Discussion, review, and rating of (

1h:19m – 1h:36m: Discussion, review, and rating of (

1h:36m – 1h:55m: Discussion, review, and rating of (

1h:55m – 2h:18m: Discussion, review, and rating of (

2h:18m – 2h:38m: Discussion, review, and rating of (

2h:38m – 2h:43m: Wrap up and social media handles

Thank you to my great friends and guests for making the time to be on the show!

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