ATI – 2020 Vancouver Short Film Festival

This episode of the “About To Review”/ “About To Interview” podcast features conversations I had with writers, directors, producers, actors and more while covering the 2020 Vancouver Short Film Festival (  Hope you enjoy!
I was fortunate to cover the Vancouver Short Film Festival for the fourth year in a row the weekend of January 24th – 27th which was a 3-day festival packed with over 45 short films celebrating the best of BC talent! For more information about the festival and entry costs and deadlines, head on over to for the most up to date information. Podcast support info:
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Timecode breakdown: Thank you so much to everyone that made time to speak with me at the event, and thank you to the amazing staff and volunteers at the Vancouver Short Film Festival for making me feel so at home! Credits: Make sure to follow this podcast social media! Click on the links to subscribe: If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for future episodes, you can email those to the show at: