ATR #6 – Robyn Paris (The Room Actors: Where Are They Now)

Robyn Paris is a friend of mine who played “Michelle” in the 2003 classic film “The Room”, which is considered the “Citizen Kane of bad movies”. She just launched her new web series called “The Room Actors: Where Are They”, which is mockumentary style show about the stars of the cult classic film.

We have been planning this collaboration for a few weeks so that it coincides with the launch of her new web series on Funny or Die, which will be releasing a new episode every Thursday for 4 weeks starting on November 30th. During this interview we talked about her first experiences with “The Room”, the audition, the script, and stories from behind the scene, then get into her process for getting everyone back together for this new project.

You can check out all of the updates on her new show from the “Funny or Die” website:

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