ATR #79: Surburbicon, Thor: Ragnarok, Amplify Her, scary movies

Tim Hall, AKA: The People’s Critic, is back in the studio talking to John about two new movies; “Surburbicon”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, plus a new documentary “Amplify Her”.  Then a little TV show called “Stranger Things”!

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Special shout out to Damien Randle (Twitter: @DamienRandle) for creating the new theme song!

Time code breakdown:

0m:00 – 3m:34s: Intro

3m:34s – 7m:53s: Discussing the new theme song created by the one and only Damien Randle of Ill Mannered Media! Make sure to check out him out on Twitter: @DamienRandle & Instagram: @DamienRandle plus follow Ill Mannered Media on Twitter: @IllManMedia and Instagram: @IllManneredMedia. Shout out to the boys D’Raye, and Kashmere Don over at the “From Houston With Love” podcast which you can find on Twitter: @FromHouWithLove and on

7m:53s – 19m:10s: Discussion, review, and rating of the new George Clooney directed project “Surburbicon” (

19m:10s – 40m:40s: Discussion, review, and rating of the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; “Thor:Ragnarok”. (

40m:40s – 49m:40s: Discussion, review, and rating of the new documentary “Amplify Her” that chronicles several women who are DJ’s as they try to make names for themselves in a male dominated industry. ( Check out their website: and the trailer:

49m:40s – 1h:06m: Discussion and review of “Stranger Things” season 2. (

1h:06m – 1h:29m: Talking about movies that scarred, or continue to scare us. The movies mentioned are “Friday the 13th part 3”, “The Dark Crystal”, “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Omen”, “Ringu/ Ju-On”, “Event Horizon” …… and “Vanilla Sky”.

1h:29m – 1h:34m: Wrap up, social media information, upcoming projects. Make sure to check out the “Seattle 48 Hour Horror Competition” website for the most up to date information:

Thank you to my amazing guest for making the time to be on the show!
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