ATR #77: Marshall, Happy Death Day, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Two returning guests, Tim Hall and Mike Ward join me to talk about three new movies; “Marshall”, “Happy Death Day”, and “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”. There are also dad jokes a plenty, which are amazing.

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Time code breakdown:

0m:00 – 3m:0os: Intro

3m:00s – 10m:45s: Mike gives us some updates on the happenings with the Seattle Film Critic Society. (

10m:45s – 37m:21s: During this block, Mike and Tim commandeered the podcast, my own podcast! To talk about wrestling and how great it is … or something …

37m:21s – 1h:04m: Discussion, review, and rating of the new biopic “Marshall” about Thurgood Marshall (

1h:04m – 1h:20m: Discussion, review, and rating of the new horror/ comedy offering  “Happy Death Day” (

1h:20m – 1h:45m: Discussion, review, and rating of the biopic “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” which tells the story of the creation of “Wonder Woman” but also focuses on the amazing relationships in the Marston household. (

1h:45m – 1h:56m: Wrap up, social media information, upcoming projects.

Thank you to all of my amazing guests for making the time to be on the show!
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