ATR #75: GeekGirlCon 2017 plus “Battle of the Sexes” review

GeekGirlCon 2017! For the second year in a row I was fortunate to cover this event that happened over the weekend. This year my guest co-host Erynne Hundley joined me. After the interview sections, Erynne and I review the con and “Battle of the Sexes”.

GeekGirlCon has grown and expanded over the past 6 years and boasts over 50 year round volunteers, and 180+ agents who work the convention. This event continues to be an incredibly emotional, and inclusive event in which families, and children can experience a safe, creative space, while indulging their desires to become superheroes, Jedi, chemists, and engineers of all races and hues.

Time code breakdown:

0m:00 – 1m:55s: Intro

1m:55s – 19m:30s: Interview with actress Erica Luttrell (, whose credits include “Lost Girl”, “iZombie” and “Salvation”. She has also done a ton of voice over work such as “Steven Universe”, “The Magic Schoolbus” and the video games “Diablo 3”, “Dishonored 2” & “Injustice 2”

19m:30s – 32m:33s: Interview with editor, writer, and social media manager Carrie McClain, who is also an editor for “

32m:33s – 1h:04m: Interview with analytical chemist Dr. Raychelle Burks, assistant professor at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX and creator of the “DIY Science Zone”.

1h:04m – 1h:31m: Interview with GeekGirlCon panelist and staff member Kristine Hassell, who runs the Twitter feed for GeekGirlCon, as well as being a writer and activist.

1h:31 – 2h:01m: Discussion of GeekGirlCon 2017 with Erynne back in the studio. We go over some of the highlights including panels, cosplay, artists that we saw, and all of the feels that were had at this amazing convention.
Some of artists we mentioned were: Valentine Barker, Carmen Torres, Jenny Park, ChrissaBug, Stephen Poon, Elle Wyant.

2h:01m – 2h:16m: Discussion, rating, and review for the new biopic “Battle of the Sexes” ( which stars Emma Stone and Steve Carrell as they portray Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in their infamous match in 1973.

2h:16m – 2h:19m: Wrap up, social media information, upcoming projects.

Thank you to all of my amazing guests for making the time to be on the show!
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