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ATR #127 – Life Itself, Small Fish, Dragon Prince, House with a clock in its walls

A solo adventure this week as I talk to myself in the studio and review…

ATR #92 – Thieves, Mazes, Lightning, and The Alienist

Two new movies and two new TV shows are the hot topics this week! Tim Hall, AKA: “The People’s Critic” stopped by the studio to talk about “Den of Thieves”, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”, “Black Lightning”, and “The Alienist”. Let us know if you have seen them!

ATR #90 – Hostiles, Black Mirror, January releases

Does the breathtaking cinematography and gorgeous costume design of “Hostiles” make up for it’s bland and unoriginal plot? How terrified of the dystopian future in “Black Mirror” should we be? Find out the answer to those questions and more on this new episode with Tim Hall!

ATR #85 – JCVJ, The Punisher, and our 3 act comic book lifeATR

This week’s episode with special guest Ryan Berkley has discussions about 2 different TV shows; “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” and “The Punisher”, and then Ryan and John go into their comic book history as it relates to a 3 act structure. 

ATR #83 – TV review – Knightfall on HISTORY

This is a very special sponsored episode in collaboration between the “About To Review” podcast…

ATR #74: Ghosted, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Love Actually

Another week, another visit from special guest Tim Hall! On this week’s episode we talk a new show that we hope FOX will not cancel immediately called “Ghosted”, then a review for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, and round out the episode with “Love Actually” which is … a movie.