ATR #8: Indie Games Vol. 1 – Shovels and Quests

There is a new guest in the studio this week as your host; That Guy Named John is joined by my his friend Steve from Stand Inside Media, as they discuss some indie games that are currently available on multiple platforms. Those games are: “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”, “Shovel Knight”, and “King’s Quest”. When Steve is not playing a tabletop game, video game, or podcasting, he spends his time traveling around the world as a videographer for National Geographic Expeditions. Yes, you have permission to be incredibly envious.

This episode features 3 different games, one of which your fearless heroes play live on the air! That game is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, available here: .
The other two games that were played based on Steve’s recommendations are: Shovel Knight ( and King’s Quest (, which were both played on the XBOX One. This is a 2 part episode, all jammed together, with a time warp in the middle.

Time codes:
0:00 – 1m:18s: Intro
1m:18s – 12m:45s: Live play through of interactive game; “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”
12m:45s – 16m:45s: Gaming experience background
16m:45s – 21:42: Steve’s gaming recommendations: Shovel Knight
21m:43s – 29m:17s: Steve’s gaming recommendations: King’s Quest
29m:18s – 29m:50s: Getting ready to do the time warp
29m:50s – 46m:45s: Shovel Knight review
46m:45s – 1h:30s: King’s Quest review
1h:30s – 1h:4m: Wrap up plus a shout out to an iTunes reviewer!

You can find Steve on Twitter: @steveblog,  Instagram: @standinside plus you should check out his work with National Geographic Expeditions at his website:

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