ATR #56: Game time! Hammered Heroes edition!

On this special episode, That Guy Named John was joined by 3 friends as they played the brand new tabletop card game “Hammered Heroes” from Spokane, WA! The project is live on Kickstarter right now and you should definitely check them out!

Thank you to all of the amazing guests on this episode: Carmen, Michelle, and Jed.

Time codes:

0m:00s – 2m:40s: Intro

2m:40s – 4m:15s: Acknowledgements and thanks to the team at Kinetic Energy Productions: Adam Boyd, Adam Harum, Clancy Buncy, and John at Barbaric Broadcasts. Find the Kickstarter page here:

4m:15s – 6m:30s: Talking about our tasty beverages: Crispin cider, Fat Tire, Seattle Cider, Scuttlebutt amber

6m:30s – 12m:00: Talking about our individual gaming experiences, from childhood to now.

12m:00s – 14m:30s: Explaining the game, and how to play

14m:30s – 1h:11m: Playing the game!

1h:11m – 1h:12m: Post game discussion

1h:12m – 1h:26m: Interview with Clancy Bundy, the game designer and artist of Hammered Heroes. You can follow him on Instagram: @newbiescrub.

1h:26m – 1h:30m: Rating the game: Good, Bad, or Ugly

1h:30m – 1h:33m: Wrap up and final thoughts

Hammered Heroes information:

Thank you so much to the entire Kinetic Energy Productions team of Adam Harum, Adam Boyd, Clancy Bundy, Noah Kroase, and John at Barbaric broadcasts for giving us the privilege of playing this great game! For the most up to date information about this great game and project, make sure to head over to their social media pages and follow them! Facebook: @Hammeredheroes, Instagram: @hammeredheroes, and of course

Guest information:

If you want to reach out to any of the players of this episode to let them know how amazingly they played the game, you can email

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