ATR #54: Guardians Vol. 2, 50 Hour Slam, and SIFF 2017!

On this action packed episode, That Guy Named John and Dr. Andy talk about Marvel’s newest film: “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, plus a film competition called “50 Hour Slam”, and finally, the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival, AKA: “SIFF”.

Time codes:

0m:00s – 1m:08s: Intro

1m:08s – 35m20s: Discussion and rating of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”.

35m20s – 40m:00s: Discussion of the 50 Hour Slam film festival, and you can watch all of the films from this link:!

40m:00s – 54m:00s: Dr. Andy and John break down their top 3 honorable mentions, then crown their “Best of Show”

54m:00s – 1h:07m: Discussion about the upcoming 2017 “Seattle International Film Festival” or “SIFF” festival. They each talk about some films that caught their attention.
You can watch all of the trailers for these films from SIFF’s main website:
Andy’s quick hits: “Small town killers”, “The Bar”, “King’s Choice”
John’s quick hits: “A Dragon Arrives”, “Bad Black”, “The Paris Opera”, “Step”, “Meatball Machine Koduku”

1h:07m – 1h:09m: Wrap and final thoughts

Guest info:
Dr. Andy is a frequent collaborator with this podcast, and he abhors social media, so to get a hold of him, send me a message and mention your favorite Scandinavian film, and I will test his movie knowledge with it.

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