ATR #52: Indie Games Vol. 3 – Inside and Telltale Games!

What time is it? GAME TIME! By that I mean it is time for another installment of the fan-favorite segment – Indie game spotlight! That Guy Named John is joined by This Guy Named Steve as they talk about “Inside” and “Batman: The Telltale series”.

The first game they talk about is a phscological puzzle platform called “Inside” by “Playdead”, and you can find more information by going to there website here: Next on the list is “Batman: The Telltale Series”, by “Telltale”, which is a very story driven game where very action has multiple choices that change the way the game unfolds. You can check them out here:

Before we dive into the episode, I wanted to talk about the new podcast exposure incentive that I came up with, which should hopefully give some podcasts a broader audience.
Here is the plan:

  • Take a screenshot of your top 6 podcasts from your podcast app
  • Upload it to social media and use the hashtag: #top6podcasts and tag your favorite hosts and shows
  • Share and retweet others using the same hashtag

The goal is to share you favorite podcasts with people without being limited to the 140 characters on Twitter. I will be retweeting anything I see that uses the hashtag, so join in and see what difference we can all make!

Time codes for this episode:

0m:00s – 3m:00s: Introduction of the #top6podcasts idea

3m:00s – 5m:45s: Intro to this edition of the Indie Game spotlight

5m:45s – 13m:00s: Recap of games that we have covered on previous episodes, plus Steve talks about his upcoming work writing reviews of puzzle rooms on .

13m:00s – 21m:00s: Steve talks about his first suggestion, which is the game “INSIDE”

21m:00s – 32m:00s: Steve talks about his second suggestion which is “Batman: The Telltale Series”

32m:00s – 50m:00s: John’s review and rating of “INSIDE”

50m:00s – 1h:03m: John’s review and rating of “Batman: The Telltale Series”

1h:03m – 1h:10m: John’s review and rating of the Telltale game for “Game of Thrones”

1h:10m – 1h:13m: Steve talks about his new side gig/ passion project; writing reviews of puzzle rooms for .

1h:13m – 1h:17m: Final thoughts and wrap up
Thank you to Steve for joining me on this latest Indie Game spotlight! You can find Steve on Twitter: @steveblog,  Instagram: @standinside plus you should check out his video work with National Geographic Expeditions at his website:

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