ATR #41: 2017 Vancouver Short Film Festival

On this truly international edition of the podcast, your fearless host; That Guy Named John traveled to the great white north of Vancouver, British Columbia to cover the Vancouver Short Film Festival, (AKA: VSFF)! Listen in as he talks to the festival’s directors, as well as some of the filmmakers!

The Vancouver Short Film Festival was a two day festival held at Vancity Theater, that showed 28 films in a 24 hour period, held over 4 different programs, on Friday, January 27th, and Saturday, January 28th. What made this festival so unique is that all of the films submitted and screened had to include a person from British Columbia in the cast and/ or crew. This was awesome because it truly showed how much talent there is in the film community scene up there, and I cannot wait to see more of it.

Time code breakdown:

0:00 – 2m:46s: Intro recorded live on the opening night of the festival

2m:46s – 27m:28s: Interview with festival co-directors; Kristyn Stilling and Marena Dix as they talk about the festival and what their experience is with it.

27m:28s – 1h:01m: Interview with Arun Fryer, Ana Carrizales, and Greg Brown, the creative team from the film “Before She’s Gone”. Join their Facebook page here:, and you can watch the film here:

1h:01m – 1h:14m: Interview with Elad Tzadok, the director and producer of the award winning film “RUN” which you can find here:

1h:14m – 1h:19m: Wrap up and best of Program #1

1h:19m – 1h:23m: Best of Program #2

1h:23m – 1h:27m: Best of Program #3

1h:27m – 1h:33m: Best of Program #4

1h:33m – 1h:41m: Final thoughts and crowning the “Best of Show” for the entire Vancouver Film Festival


I cannot thank the people who helped me out during this festival enough, because they were all so incredible. Kristyn Stilling and Marena Dix provided me the amazing opportunity to cover such a unique and special event, and I hope that we continue to work together in the future. Emily Weldon, the volunteer coordinator was also a huge help, and deserves some much needed credit for organizing all of the volunteers!

To the filmmakers I had as guests; Arun Fryer, Ana Carrizales, Greg Brown, and Elad Tzadok – Your passion and dedication to the world of film making was tangible, and I learned so much from all of you.

Special shout out to Matthew Lucas and Luvia Petersen who were not able to be on the podcast, but we got the chance to hang out on Saturday and they are both fascinating people who are producing some very engaging work.

For more information about the festival, and all of the films, check out the Facebook page for the Vancouver Short Film Festival here:

Twitter links for the guests on this episode:

  1. The Vancouver Short Film Festival: @VSFF
  2. Kristyn Stilling, VSFF festival co-director: @K_Stills
  3. Marena Dix, VSFF festival co-director: @Marenadix
  4. “Before She’s Gone”: Arun Fryer: @Aaronisarun, Ana Carrizales: @anagowild Greg Brown: @imagewrx
  5. Elad Tzadok: Director/ producer of “RUN”: @eladtzadok


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