ATR #4: Law and Order: Hell’s Kitchen w/ Tim Hall

On this action packed giant-size episode, That Guy Named John is joined by Seattle film critic Tim Hall and they discuss 3 big things that happened recently: Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon, Daredevil season 2 on Netflix, and the latest Doctor Strange trailer.

Keeping the time code index thing going for those that want, no need, more show notes:
0:00 – 1m:50s: Introduction of Tim Hall from
1m:50s – 35m: Emerald City Comicon review
35m – 1h:07m: Daredevil Season 2 (AKA: Law and Order: Hell’s Kitchen) review
1h:7m – 1h:15m: Doctor Strange trailer

Where can find Tim Hall on the series of tubes we call the inter-web?
How about his Twitter, Instagram,  or website. If you do not find him there, just yell “Free comics!” and he will come running to you. Fact.

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