ATR #38: Talking comics with Alex Irvine!

Hello true believers! Dig out your long boxes and follow along on this journey through comics as That Guy Named John is joined by award winning fantasy, sci-fi, and comic book author Alex Irvine!

Alex Irvine has been a fantasy and sci-fi writer for decades, as well as writing for both Marvel and DC extensivley on multiple projects involving comic books, and encylopedias. Oh yea, and he was also a Jeopardy champion!

Timecode breakdown:

0m:00s – 3m:00s: Intro

3m:00s – 7m:15s: The beginnings of Alex’s writing journey

7m:15s – 17m:30s: Phase 2 of Alex’s journey – Crossing the streams of multiple genres and how he continues to gain momentum

17m:30s – 30m:00s: Marvel: MAX line leading into the gaming community

30m:00s – 56m:00s: Alex talks about his process of writing both the Vertigo, and DC Comics Encyclopedias

56m:00s – 1h: Wrap up and future projects

Thank you again to Alex for taking the time to talk with me! Also a huge thank you to Christi Sheehan, an Associate Publicist at DK for sending the amazing books that were talked about on this episode! For any and all information regarding DK’s amazing offerings, head over to their website:

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You can find Alex on Twitter: @Alexirvine, Facebook: @Alexirvine 
Lastly, you should absolutely check out his website which has a whole bunch of his amazing works on it:

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