ATR #36: 2017 remakes and remixes w/ The Curly Nerd podcast!

Joining That Guy Named John on this week’s episode is the dynamic duo of Jess and Damien from The Curly Nerd podcast! They talk about a bunch of upcoming movie/ Tv remakes and reboots happening in 2017. With their powers combined, they are …… “Captain Collaboration”!

Time code breakdown:

0m:00s – 7m:35s: Introduction of The Curly Nerd crew and our definitions of remakes and reboots

7m:35s – 9m:40s: Find out who is a nerdier version of Ira Glass in this section of the show!

9m:40s – 10m:40s: Explanation of our rating system: “Nah, we good” = Unnecessary remake, and “Yea, alright” = a remake that we are not super thrilled about, but we know we are going to see it anyway.

10m:40s – 14m:30s: Splash

14m:30s – 18m:25s: Mary Poppins

18m:25s – 24m:20s: The Craft

24m:20s – 28m:50s: Jumanji

28m:50s – 36m:30s: IT

36m:30s – 46m:30s: Power Rangers

46m:30s – 53m:55s: The Mummy

53m:55s – 59m:15s: Rings (The Ring)

59m:15s – 1h:04m: Kong – Skull Island

1h:04m – 1h:12m: Beauty and The Beast

1h:12m – 1h:15m: 24: Legacy

1h:15m – 1h:19m: Baywatch

1h:19m – 1h:23m: Duck Tales

1h:23m – 1h:30m: MST3K!!! (The movie I could not remember is called “Puma man” which you can watch here on Youtube)

1h:30m – 1h:34s: Wrap up and final thoughts, plus a huge congratulations to The Curly Nerd Podcast for surpassing 50 episodes!

A special thank you to Jess and Damien for being on this episode, they are both amazing and you should absolutely support their show as well!

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