ATR #33: The ABC’s of RPG’s w/ Ivan Norman!

On this very special episode, That Guy Named John is joined by his longtime friend Ivan Van Norman. Ivan is a game creator, writer, director, game show host, and newly dubbed “Prince of all Geekdom”. They talk about his new book: “The ABCs of RPGs”, as well as his path to making a career out of a hobby.

Time code breakdown:
0:00 – 3m: Introduction and the brief history of Ivan and John’s friendship. Spoiler alert, it all started with high heels and fishnets

3m:00s – 8m:30s: Ivan talks about some of his current projects including, but limited to:, his “How to play” series, “Game the Game”, “Forever-verse”, and so much more

8m:30s – 14m: Which came first: Ivan’s love of theater, or his love board games? Find out that answer and also his process for creating a better gaming experience for himself, and the people at his table

14m – 31m: “King of the Nerds” talk and why role playing games are important

31m: – 52m: Review and discussion of Ivan’s book “The ABCs of RPGs” which he wrote with illustrations by Caleb Cleveland

52m – 58m:35s: Ivan talks about one of his favorite recent gaming experiences, which was playing a Kenku called “Ah Ha!”

58m:35s – 1h:05m: Ivan’s latest projects, final thoughts and wrap up

Thank you Ivan for taking time out of your crazy busy schedule for this interview/ discussion, it was a blast!
To purchase a copy of the amazing books we talked about on this episode, click the links below, or better yet, go to your local brick and mortar and ask them to order it for you!
The ABCs of RPGs on is here: Purchase
The ABCs of RPGs on is here: Purchase

Where to find Ivan:
You can find Ivan all over the social media landscape by searching for “Hydra_Lord”, but here are direct links to his various pages:
Twitter: @Hydra_Lord
Instagram: @Hydra_Lord
Twitch: @Hydra_Lord
Facebook: @ivanbarronvannormanTwitch: @Hydra_Lord

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