ATR #32: #NoShameNovember

That Guy Named John is joined by Steve and Dr. Andy as they take comfort in the safe space of the studio and talk about movies, TV shows, or music that we find ourselves having to explain to people why we like them, all the while taking no shame in liking them.

This episode is a play on the “#NoShaveNovember” craze, and instead of not shaving, we are not feeling shame for the things we like, well, at least that is the plan, but the other guests might have differing opinions on those choices … Enjoy!

Time codes:
0:00 – : Introduction
3m:50s – 7m:03s: Quick movie recomendations from Steve and Andy
7m:03s – 7m:35s: Teaser for a $40 giftcard!
7m:35s – 15m:50s: Andy’s first choice is an album from a one word band that is the opposite of “no”
15m:50s – 21m:30s: Steve’s first choice is a musical who is kind of fruity …. get it …..?
21m:30s – 30m:35s: John’s first choice is a movie from 1997 that has guns, action, and a co-ed shower scene, AKA: “Everything a teenage boy wants in life”
30m:35s – 38m:32s: Andy’s second choices are a pair of stop motion TV shows from his adolescence in jolly ol’ England
38m:32s – 47m05s: Steve’s second choice is a reality show that is definitely NOT “Survivor”
47m05s – 56m:35s: John’s second recommendation is a movies that was so good it will make you forget “The Matrix” …. or so the marketing team wanted you to believe
56m:35s – 1h:05m: Andy’s final choices are a few war movies that he feels uneasy about, but also one of the best action movies of the 90’s
1h:05m – 1h:11m: Steve’s final choice is a very rare miss by legendary director Martin Scorsese
1h:11m – 1h:25m: John’s final choices are a couple of TV shows that involve warriors ….. and both went on way longer than they should have
1h:25m – 1h:30m: Finally thoughts, and also Steve is given the floor to talk about his new game he is developing, and also how you, yes YOU can win a $40 Amazon gift card

Thank you to both Steve and Dr. Andy for taking a ride through the madness of these pieces of media that we feel no shame for liking … ok, well maybe only a little.

Steve’s new project that was mentioned on this episode is a new game that you can help with by taking a short survey, which will enter you into a drawing for a $40 Amazon gift card!
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