ATR #30: Westworld and Black Mirror

Why does Michael Crichton hate theme parks? On this episode, That Guy Named John is joined once again by Tim Hall, and they talk about two looks into a possible future, with the shows Westworld and Black Mirror. They also try and find out why Michael Crichton hates theme parks so much.

This episode was recorded after the airing of episode 5 of Westworld, and is being released after episode 7 just aired, so there are a couple things that are talked about that turned out to be true, which is great!

Time code breakdown:
0m:00s – 1m:45s: Introduction
1m:45s – 3m:50s: Exciting news: This podcast is now on Patreon! Check it out at this link: (Shout out to The Weekly Planet!)
3m:50s – 40m:25s: Westworld season 1: Episodes 1-5 discussion/ speculation followed by our review/ rating
40m:25s – 1h:05m: Black Mirror season 3 discussion followed by our review/ rating
1h:05m – 1h:07m: Do you want to see a Hawkeye Netflix show? Does anybody?
1h:07m – 1h:21m: Three new trailers: Wonder Woman, XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Beauty and The Beast
1h:21m – 1h:26m: Final thoughts and wrap up

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