ATR #28: Horror villain showdown!

Hey there ghouls and goblins! On this (belated) Halloween special, That Guy Named John is joined by returning guest Steve, as they break down a hypothetical death match tournament with 16 of the most iconic horror movie villains!

From hatchet wielding psychopaths, to slimy and sleek aliens, this 16 villain showdown is one for the ages! Spoiler alert: Steve and I not experts and we might not know everything about all of these villains, which makes it event more entertaining as we stumble through this madcap adventure!

Time codes:
0:00 – 5m: Intro and tournament format
5m: – 1h: The Scary Sixteen round
1h: – 1h:10m: The Ahhhhh eight round (congrats Steve for coming up with that one)
1h:10m – 1h:27m: The Frightful Four round
1h:27m – 1h:29m: Wrap up and crowing the winner

Thanks again to Steve for joining me on this crazy monster-mash adventure!
You can find Steve on Twitter: @steveblog,  Instagram: @standinside plus you should check out his work with National Geographic Expeditions at his website:

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