ATR #27: Indie Games Vol. 2 – Rockets and Rogues!

That Guy Named John is once again joined by Steve as they do another edition of Indie Games spotlight! On this episode they talk about a puzzle room and also two indie games: “Rocket League” and “Rogue Legacy”, which are both available on multiple platforms.

The puzzle room mentioned on this episode was hosted by Locurio in Fremont, and you can check them out here  We played “The Vanishing Act” room with some friends and also strangers, and for my first puzzle room experience it fun! As for the two games that Steve recommended, they are: “Rocket League” published by Psyonix and, “Rogue Legacy” by Cellar Door Games. You can find out more about these games from their websites which are linked here: Rocket League and Rogue Legacy

Time codes:
0:00 – 5m:30s: Intro and puzzle room discussion
5m:30s – 8m:20s: Steve’s podcast recommendation: “CoolGames Inc” which you can find on Soundcloud here: “CoolGames Inc”
8m:20s – 15m:10s: Steve’s first recommendation: Rocket League
15m:10s – 23m:35s: Steve’s second recommendation: Rogue Legacy
23m:35s – 24m:21s: Getting in Steve’s squeaky steam-punk time machine
24m:21s – 41m:15s: Rocket League review and rating
41m:15s – 56m:30s: Rogue Legacy review and rating
56m:30s – 1h: Wrap up and thoughts on the next games

Thanks again to Steve for suggesting these games, and also for editing this episode!
You can find Steve on Twitter: @steveblog,  Instagram: @standinside plus you should check out his work with National Geographic Expeditions at his website:

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